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03Medical agreement with Jinjeop Jeil Hospital

01Medical agreement with Junggawon Senior Care Center
Designated medical institutions to implement medical support projects such as foreign workers


10Weekly event for patient safety and infection control
「Regional network business for severe emergency disease」
Agreement Ceremony between Yangpyeong Hospital and Namyangju Hanyang Hospital

09Participation in emergency rescue training (Control Team Unintentional Operation Training) in Namyangju city
Selection of sound pressure distribution institutions for 「Building an emergency room for infectious diseases」
Gene Therapy Agency Report

052017 Emergency Relief Drill (Namyangju-si & Namyangju Fire Dept)
‘Blood Donation Event’ by Korean Red Cross Seoul Dongbu Blood Center

03Signed MOU with Magnus Care Hospital
Medical agreement with IWPG


08Morgue Trust Contract
Acquired Healthcare Institution Certification for 2nd year by Ministry of Health and Welfare

06Passing the accreditation evaluation of medical institutions
Evaluating the hospital's credibility and evaluating the hospitals
Gyeonggi-do governor commendation on community welfare and medical linkage

05Signed health service agreement with Namyangju Senior Welfare Center
Convention on 「Business Cooperation」 for Joint Development between the Three Elderly Nations in Korea, Namyangju City Branch, Hanyang Hospital, Gyeonggi Ilbo

04Agreements on the work of Gyeonggi-do, Namyangju Hanyang Hospital, and Gyeonggi Ilbo to respond quickly to the construction safety accidents of Dasan New Town

02‘Blood Donation Event’ by Korean Red Cross Seoul Dongbu Blood Center
2016 Emergency Relief Drill
Signed agreement for artificial joint surgery cost support in low-income seniors
Insurance agency business cooperation agreement


12Hospital accreditation and training hospital accreditation for 2015 by Korean Hospital Association

11Signed agreement with Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital as base hospital for new infection
Designated as comprehensive nursing service hospital by National Health Insurance Corporation (National Health Insurance Corporation)

10Best agency for trusting the Office of Excellence

08Signed MOU with Catholic University Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
Free artificial joint operation for low-income seniors (Korean Elderly Society)

06Designated as National Safe Hospitals from MERS (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

05Selected as the top medical institution for emergency medical assessment in northeastern Gyeonggi-do

04Signed MOU with Korea University Anam Hospital
Selected as consigned medical institution for 'Atopic Prevention Camp for Children in Namyangju'

03Selected as ‘Outstanding Hospital for 3 Consecutive Years’ for emergency medicine evaluation in 2014 (Ministry of Health and Welfare)


05Selected for ‘Atopy-free Family’ business in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi-do)

04Binggre MOU ceremony – Atopy treatment program business (Namyangju city)

02Selected as ‘Outstanding Hospital for 2 Consecutive Years’ for emergency medicine evaluation in 2013 (Ministry of Health and Welfare)


12Designated medical institution for Namyangju soccer association/federation

11Appointed as Regional Security Council Hospital of Namyangju

10Appointed as Emergency Medicine Conference Hospital in Gyeonggi-do

06Signed MOU with Catholic University Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital for severe trauma patient transport and treatment system

032nd Internship training held

02Appointed as medical counseling hospital for Uijeongbu District Prosecutor’s Office
Selected as 2012 Best Regional Emergency Medical Center of Northern Gyeonggi

01Appointed as medical treatment appraisal hospital by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
Minister of Employment and Labor citation for 'job creation support'


12Commendation of "Going to Civil Service Room"

08Signed subsidiary hospital agreement with Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital

031st Internship training held

01Increased beds (297 beds)
Selected as top 100 employment creation company for 2 consecutive years


11Designated as internship training hospital

08Accredited as outstanding testing institution

07Accredited as cardiovascular intervention institution

03Signed MOU with Ildong Army Hospital


12Selected as base hospital for outpatient quarantine and ICU quarantine by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Selected as ‘Outstanding Pediatric Examination Institution’ by National Health Insurance Corporation
Selected as top 100 employment creation company

10Selected as Hypertension·Diabetes medical cost support instiuttion
Signed MOU with Cheolwon Gil Hospital

09Selected as foreign patient attraction institution

06Commendation of medical institutions for new influenza

04Medical agreement with Gyeonggi Eastern Chamber of Commerce & Industry

03Began emergency patient burn treatment during transport

02Signed MOU with Samsung Seoul Hospital

01Agreement for emergency medical service improvement (Gyeonggi-do Fire & Disaster Headquarters)


09Signed MOU with Seoul Asan Hospital

08Signed MOU with Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital

07Signed MOU with Catholic University Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital

05Designed as Namyangju’s first regional emergency medical center
Signed MOU with Hanyang University Guri Hospital

04Namyangju Hanyang Hospital opened

03Hanyang Medical Foundation Namyangju Hanyang Hospital began medical service
Designed as medical care institution
Medical institution opened

01Namyangju Hanyang Hospital new building completed


03Began design for new building of Namyangju Hanyang Hospital


08Hanyang Medical Foundation established

07Launched Namyangju Hanyang Hospital foundation committee

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