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Hospital Director Greeting

On March 4, 2009, Namyangju Hanyang Hospital opened to protect the health of patients in northern Gyeonggi area.
With over 20 departments and various specialist centers, Namyangju Hanyang Hospital works 24 hours around to provide the best possible medical service and protect patients’ health with open door 365 days a year.
Namyangju Hanyang Hospital provide the optimal medical service with outstanding medical staff under the philosophy of “mental and physical health”, “humanistic love”, “contribution” and slogan of “striving for the best” to protect the health of local residents, and works hard as patient-oriented regional hospital.

No. 1 Guard of Health in Northern Gyeonggi Area

We we born as the hospital in Namyangju-si that can handle all cases for emergency patients to general patients with the facility and medical staff. Since we were designated as Namyangju’s first regional emergency medical center, we have been performing the role constantly; having the only cardiovascular center in Namyangju, we provide myocardial infarction and stent insertion, liver/bile endoscopy and bronchoscopy, and also operate the only dialysis room among the general hospitals in the region.
The harmony of various departments and qualified specialists are the foundation, which Namyangju Hanyang Hospital can reform as the base hospital in the region, and became a safe and trustworthy hospital through medical institution certification by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
We also try to provide the system that doesn’t require a guardian and best service quality, and everyone works as one to become the most skilled, most trusted hospital and contribute to customer-oriented paradigm.

Companion through Hanyang

Focused on the role of secondary hospital in Namyangju area, the healthy companion of Namyangju Hanyang Hospital is always ongoing, and we promise to always be the hospital that thinks of our patients only, hospital that always changes, hospital that patients want to come back, and a global hospital that takes care of and treats customers.

To continue to provide quality medical services, we will work with the local residents, concentrate all our abilities and invest in regional medical development and facility to realize gentrification and reinforced competitiveness in medical industry. Namyangju Hanyang Hospital promises to be the best regional general hospital that satisfies everyone, is trusted by everyone to lead the medicine of local community with persistent passion and efforts for healthy society.

Thank you.

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