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Welcome to Laparoscopy Center

Physician Introduction

  • Laparoscopy Center Kim, Sun Dong

    Specialty : Uterine cancer and ovarian cancer screening, Diagnosis and surgery of uterine and ovarian tumor – myomectomy and myolysis (uterine preservation),Gynecologic endoscopic operation – uterine surgery and sterilization operation/ gynecological reconstruction, single-port laparoscopy

  • Laparoscopy Center Park, Joo Young

    Specialty : Hernia, laparoscopic surgery, breast disease, thyroid, varicose vein laser treatment, colorectal

  • Laparoscopy Center Cho, Sung Wook

    Specialty : Colorectal, varicose vein, laparoscopic surgery, breast, burn, hernia

  • Laparoscopy Center Lee, Gun Suk

    Specialty : Stomach, colon cancer, Laparoscopic surgery (appendicitis, perforation of ulcer, hernia), hemorrhoidectomy, thyroid, breast disease

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