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Physician Introduction

  • Chief Choi, Jun Won Orthopedics

    • Specialty
      • Arthroplasty
      • arthroscopy
      • knee joint, shoulder joint, arthritis
      • sports medicine
      • reoperation after treatment failure
  • Chief Choi, Ji Won Orthopedics

    • Specialty
      • Coxa, artificial joint, foot, ankle joint, tingling of hand, hand deformity, arthroscopic treatment of ligament,cartilage,meniscus, tendon injuries in knee, shoulder, ankle joint, conservative therapy of degenerative disease in joint of extremities
  • Chief Chung, Woong Seo Orthopedics

    • Specialty
      • Upper joint disease (shoulder, elbow, hand)
      • treatment and surgery of fracture and injury
      • microscopic surgery (hand replantation)
      • transplantation (bone, tendon, ligament, nerve, skin)
      • rotator cuff tear, carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling)
      • trigger finger, arthritis (rheumatism, degenerative)

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